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There’s too much going on this week! The Daily Eye #Newsdesk brings to you everything you need to know about what the stars are up to and more.

Anjali Arora, Zareen Khan, Shehnaaz Gill and national icon Rajkummar Rao are making all the news this week!

#AnjaliArora shares a BTS glimpse in this reel from her recent journey to Yamunotri and the dynamic duo #ZareenKhan and #ShehnaazGill, radiate their charm and talent unplugged.

Above all else, national icon #RajkummarRao rocks an elegant outfit at a prestigious award event.

Dance Sensation Anam Darbar Sets the Stage Ablaze

 Anam Darbar, the dazzling dance icon, illuminated the runway and set the tone for an unforgettable evening as she opened Archana Kochhar's spectacular 'Spree' collection at the Bombay Times Fashion Week held at the luxurious St. Regis Hotel. The show was a mesmerizing display of fashion and glamour that captured the hearts of all in attendance.

Archana Kochhar, a maestro in the world of fashion, presented her latest collection, 'Spree,' designed exclusively for reception celebrations and night-time extravagance. The collection featured an array of glittering lehengas, stylistic gown-saris, and evening glam anarkalis and shararas. The delicate pastel hues that took center stage in 'Spree' celebrated the diversity of the female form, embracing women of all shapes and sizes.

Archana Kochhar,  shared her thoughts on this unique collection: "I am thrilled to showcase 'Spree' at Bombay Times Fashion Week, a collection that celebrates the beauty of every woman. We wanted to highlight the diversity of the female form and empower women to embrace their unique beauty. Anam Darbar's magnetic presence on the runway beautifully encapsulated the essence of this collection."

Mihir Surana, CEO of Nofiltr, expressed his admiration for both Anam and Archana's collaboration: "Fashion is a powerful platform for self-expression, and 'Spree' epitomizes this ethos. Anam Darbar's charisma and Archana Kochhar's artistic vision have come together to create a remarkable experience.

Anam Darbar shared her excitement about opening the show: "Walking for Archana Kochhar's 'Spree' was a dream come true. I believe that beauty lies in embracing individuality, and 'Spree' perfectly represents this. It was an honor to open this show and be a part of a collection that celebrates women just as they are."

Anam Darbar's stunning presence, coupled with Archana Kochhar's exceptional design vision, made the opening of 'Spree' a breath-taking start to the Bombay Times Fashion Week. The collection's message of embracing diversity and celebrating individuality resonated with the audience and marked a memorable evening of fashion and empowerment.

Chamak: UMX blows you away in style with his latest rap track that talks about never letting anyone takes away your shine

Brand new musical offering from Audio Only is a cool and catchy rap song. The Indian rap scene is bustling with talent, but if there’s one artist who has carved a distinct niche of his own in this space, it has to be UMX! The much loved rapper is all set to win many more hearts with his latest release ‘Chamak’ produced by Audio Only.

A rap that is much more than just a rap, Chamak is an introspective piece that dives deep into the journey that UMX has taken. Capturing the rapper’s personal growth, the song emphasizes on shutting all the negative noise down to focus on inner happiness. While the title translates into ‘shine’, the song itself asks you to focus on enhancing your shine no matter what external pressure is there. Its core message “Never let others take away your shine”, conveys a message of empowerment, encouraging listeners to believe in their own capabilities and shine brightly, regardless of the obstacles they encounter.


Sung, composed and penned by UMX, with music production by Nicks Kukreja, the track boasts of a rich and rocking rhythm that immediately catches your attention. A native of mystical Kashmir, Umar Mukhtar, famously known as UMX, is a multi-talented artist who can sing, compose, write and rap with passion. Driven by the vision of building his own unique brand of sound, he is eponymous for creating a fierce and fearless fusion of hip-hop and other genres.

Talking about his latest release, UMX said, “Chamak looks back at the hurdles that society threw at me while I was climbing the ranks. The idea of this song emerged from a very personal part of my journey. I’ve always been interested in blending true and honest emotions in my work, and with Chamak, I hope to encourage people to embrace their true selves”.

Sharing his thoughts on the song, Rohit Sobti, Co-Founder of Artiste First said, “We listened to this track outside UMX home in Anantnag. This track stood out to us and we are happy with the final shape it took from Audio and Video Perspective”.

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