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Bridging Gaps With Music And Dance

Bridging Gaps With Music And Dance

by The Daily Eye Team February 9 2016, 3:16 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 40 secs

Jefrina Charles, of Make A Difference (MAD) Coimbatore Chapter, was never into classical arts and enjoyed more of Western music and dance. She thought the youth did not much care for traditional music.

However, she changed her mind when she volunteered for for Samarpana, a classical dance and kalari show, organised by MAD in association with Shree Natya Niketan headed by Bharatanatyam exponent, Mridula Rai and Kailasm C.V.N Kalari. “My initial response was it would be boring and will not draw enough crowds to raise funds. But, few minutes into the show, I was completely hooked. It was a contemporary form of dance, themed on Lord Shiva’s wrath, using popular music and beats. I could not take my eyes off the stage.”


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