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Hindi media should do away with preconceptions and stubbornness : Mrinal Pande

Hindi media should do away with preconceptions and stubbornness : Mrinal Pande

by The Daily Eye Team June 11 2014, 9:58 am Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 1 sec

Mrinal Pande, veteran journalist, author and TV personality was honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award at Red Ink Awards 2014. In her acceptance speech, Pande said that in today’s world where intellectual has become a four-letter word, this award from her fraternity came as a pleasant surprise. This is the biggest award in her life, she said. Padmashree has its place but being awarded by fellow journalists is special. Like many regional language reporters, she comes from a small town, stated Pande. She studied in a government school in Hindi medium. She said a very good thing to happen in the 50s and 60s was that children belonging to all sections of the society were in the same school and everyone received the same education but there must be something about it as everyone who studied with her have great minds owing to good education. She also said that she learned other languages/dialects such as Bhojpuri, Avadhi, Brij etc. as her father moved extensively around the Hindi-speaking belt. But the impressions she gathered during this stage on language helped her during her journalistic career. She spoke of the publication of Hindustan whose first editor was Madan Mohan Malwi.

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