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Maker Of Grand Spectacles

Maker Of Grand Spectacles

by The Daily Eye Team January 18 2017, 1:50 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 42 secs

Almost two decades have elapsed since director and scenographer Deepan Sivaraman graduated from his alma mater, the University of Calicut’s School of Drama in Thrissur. The son of a carpenter from Vasupuram village, Sivaraman was predisposed to the visual arts, yet the stint at Thrissur, just 30km away but culturally distant, required a leap of faith. “I had never even heard of the drama school before then,” he says. It has been quite a journey from those humble beginnings to now, when he has assumed the mantle of an accomplished and prolific theatre auteur. A stint in 2003 at the reputed London art school, Central Saint Martins, on the back of a scholarship from the Charles Wallace India Trust saw him crystallizing an aesthetic style that gives his works a distinctive allure.


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