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Same-gotra marriages give birth to 'hijras': Khap leader

Same-gotra marriages give birth to 'hijras': Khap leader

by The Daily Eye Team March 3 2014, 10:45 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 43 secs

Hijras (eunuchs) are born when couples from the same gotra get married. This shocking statement came from some angry khap leaders when a scientist tried to tell them that gotras and blood relation were two different things and all members of a gotra cannot be brothers and sisters. Retired senior plant breeder of the university, Dr Mahavir Singh Narwal told leaders from a dozen-odd khaps, “How can two lakh members of a gotra be brothers and sisters?

Only those born to the same parents can be called siblings. It is not necessary that there would be adverse impact of same gotra marriages.” On this khap leaders stood up and protested. Senior khap leader, Kuldeep Singh Dhanda went on stage and said, “If same gotra marriages have no impact why are hijras born? Why do we have genetic diseases.

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