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Second Scout Film Festival Hits Stowe This Weekend

Second Scout Film Festival Hits Stowe This Weekend

by The Daily Eye Team June 10 2017, 4:30 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 45 secs

Those darned whippersnappers and their smartphones and television screens! Don’t they know that back in the day, we read books for entertainment! We went out and played with sticks and made forts and mud pies and hopped on rocks across streams and fell down and bruised our knees. Kids these days. Well, kids these days are filming the world in new ways every day, making movies both fiction and documentary, comedies and dramas, animations and raw reality.“A boy in Mongolia and a girl in Los Angeles express the loneliness of being ‘surrounded’ and the deafness created by noise. A group of students from Kosovo and another from Albany, N.Y. are both confused by the mainstay of bigotry in this day and age. Likewise teenagers in Australia and Canada feel the same nostalgia and romance for their freedom through youth.”


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