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Still Lot To Be Done For Womens' Security And Safety: Tabu

Still Lot To Be Done For Womens' Security And Safety: Tabu

by The Daily Eye Team March 17 2016, 1:18 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 44 secs

Actress Tabu says things are certainly changing for Indian women but there is a lot still which can be done for their security and safety. "It's a multi-layered topic and discussion. We keep discussing and many issues will come out..There is no one generic statement, we can make on this. I think there is some awareness and effort towards making the change. "There is a lot which can be done for women's security and safety.. it's a huge issue but, I am glad we are thinking about change," Tabu told Bollywood Country on the sidelines of an event on occasion of the International Women's Day to a query how has things changed for women. She was attending an event organised by detergent Ariel India on the topic 'Why is laundry only a mother's job? and calling on "Dads to #ShareTheLoad!"


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