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Watch George Clooney appear in 'Downton Abbey' Christmas charity special

Watch George Clooney appear in 'Downton Abbey' Christmas charity special

by The Daily Eye Team December 26 2014, 6:01 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 46 secs

What would Downton Abbey look like if Lord Grantham never existed? Well, it would have 100 percent more George Clooney… er, Lord Hollywood, as he’s now known. While participating in the “Text Santa” charity event on British network ITV, the Downton Abbey cast put together a comedic It’s a Wonderful Life homage to show what would have happened had Lord Grantham not touched the lives of those at Downton Abbey. In his place is Clooney, who unsurprisingly charms everyone—the best reaction to his presence being Maggie Smith’s—in his role as “Lord Hollywood.” GET MORE EW: Subscribe to the magazine for only 33¢ an issue! Clooney isn’t the only major casting addition made to the holiday sketch’s alternate Downton universe. It also appears Jeremy Piven has decided to take up residence at the Abbey.

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