India initiates process to formulate guidelines for TB

India initiates process to formulate guidelines for TB

by The Daily Eye Team December 3 2014, 12:30 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 44 secs

India is the first country which has initiated the process of formulating standardised clinical guidelines for managing extra-pulmonary tuberculosis that occurs in the body other than lung parenchyma. The Union Health Ministry in collaboration with the AIIMS are in the process of framing standardised clinical guidelines in this regard. According to Medical experts, there are no specific guidelines to diagnose the tuberculosis outside the lungs set by any nation in the world. “Tuberculosis affects all organs of the human body, and managing it requires good clinical judgement and investigation services. This process of getting clinical guidelines is the first step towards providing high quality TB management services to the large number of people who have TB outside their lungs,” said SK Sharma, Head of the medicine department at AIIMS and Professor-in-charge of its newly established Center of Excellence for Managing Extra-Pulmonary TB.

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