Of Unsung COVID Warriors

Of Unsung COVID Warriors

by Mamta Mahadik June 16 2021, 12:01 am Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 33 secs

Mamta Mahadik steps back to look at the work of Harsha Foundation for the BMC sweepers working tirelessly through the Pandemic. Photography: SL Shanth Kumar 

It is true that life has come to a standstill in India since March 2020, and the world over since longer, however, for many the grind of work has only increased and become scarier in the last one year and continues to grow on a similar trajectory. Therefore, it is time we take a step back, look around, and recognize the efforts put in by the select few to keep a million others safe. 

With a strong urge to recognize the undying contribution of the BMC sweepers to control the COVID situation, Mumbai-based Harsha Foundation, individually facilitated almost 500 BMC sweepers across four different BMC offices. 

At times when we as a society do our bit, it encourages the deserving a lot. To treat it as an outreach exercise would be unfair, because only when this change is initiated the spotlight will fall on the sweepers of BMC and apart from their unsung bravado to go out and keep our city clean during the pandemic, the much needed attention to the lapses in their lives where we as a society can pitch in and help also come to the fore. 

Harsha Foundation is committed to doing more for not only the workers and staff of BMC but individuals who keep the wheel of the society moving forward. “It’s time that we all recognize the contribution of our unsung COVID frontline warriors and help them in every way possible. The Coronavirus has been haunting us and claiming lives for over a year now, and unless we as responsible citizens don’t reach out to our unsung frontline warriors with whatever support they need we are not united together as a society to fight the virus. Collective realization with shared responsibility is our way forward,” said Jeenal Nikunj Gala, Founder Harsha Foundation. 

In these moments of uncertainty, by walking the talk to actually practice what one preaches at Harsha Foundation has set a precedent. It was humbling to see the employees of BMC travelling from far off places for work saying they are content in what they have but the least they expect is a position of dignity and proper behavior from our citizens. 

It was appalling to know of instances where citizens have misbehaved with them when they have gone to houses with COVID patients for sanitization or been called out when to control the situation they had to charge a fine on citizens for not wearing a mask. This as a society puts us in a spot of deep introspection, from where we all need to think and grow. All it took to get us thinking and the unsung COVID frontline workers feel encouraged was a Jaadu Ki Jhappi by Harsha Foundation to our BMC sweepers. We hope the Harsha Foundation keeps up the good work going forward and celebrates many more unsung heroes of the society.

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