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Hamari Sister Didi Factually Enriched Medical Dramas Making Waves In The Primetime Slot

Hamari Sister Didi Factually Enriched Medical Dramas Making Waves In The Primetime Slot

by Shiv Bhalla September 6 2014, 5:48 am Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 35 secs

After a tremendous drought of f medical themed shows, the launch of the new premium channel: ‘Sony Pal’ is now breaking the horizon with their new show: “Humari Sister Didi” premiering tonight at 8:30, produced by stalwarts Tony and Deeya Singh. The difference however, is the onset of a new renaissance that television networks seem to be adopting, in an attempt to regain viewership lost to new digital media. Following the footsteps of western shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” the content will have an emphasis on realism, by involving the expertise of real doctors. Noticing western entertainment channels thrive with a newfound experimental and competitive approach to content, it appears that Indian GEC giants are now set to launch their premium channels with better quality shows with well researched and accurate portrayals of real issues in their storylines.

One such show is the medical drama: “Humari Sister Didi”, a show that has been in consultation with The Third Eye. The idea of putting a writing team in the same room with medical experts has fascinating way of enriching the writing process. It throws open doors to dimensionalize narratives by allowing writers to be engaged in the questions they ask rather than being passive observers looking it up clinically on google. Anecdotes from the personal experiences of the experts are valuable fodder for the writers to chew on, and the result is obviously less contrived. There is still an ethos of sensationalism before fact in India that seems to be evolving because after years of doctors portrayed verifying pregnancies by checking a woman’s pulse, the market seems to have finally reached a saturation point.

Not only will the content through this new writing model be more entertaining, it will also debunk a lot of medical myths and misinformation. Thus, such shows will contribute towards a well informed populace. The fact is, a lot of Indians are ignorant because our entertainment is ignorant. Those of us who watch American crime dramas can recite the rights of American citizens being arrested, but haven’t a clue about our own.

Art and entertainment has always been a reflection of a zeitgeist, and we seem to have come to a juncture that may likely define the future for a number of years, decades most likely. It has come to a point that the Indian wants to be more informed after a series of outrage that has really put into perspective of our true current cultural identity. We no longer want to be the peoples of a nation shrouded in Dark Age patriarchy and scientific ignorance. No more are we satisfied with the half baked, vapid and unrealistic characters portrayed in film and TV. No more are we so distracted by the glossy packaging that we have truly focused our eyes to see the decadent muck that masquerades as entertainment. A cultural renaissance may be upon us, and as many keen philosophers the likes of Plato and Aristotle observed, the first instances of this will be reflected in our art and entertainment.

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