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by SL Shanth Kumar April 22 2020, 8:16 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 56 secs

Photojournalist SL Shanth Kumar traveled around the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra documenting the plight of these workers and has noticed the number of people living on the streets is increasing every day.

As the fight against the COVID19 pandemic intensifies, the economic condition of the poor has deteriorated.

Businesses have been shut leaving millions of daily wage and contract workers without work and no income.


A large section of these workers are immigrants from other states who have been stuck in the city without money and means to return back to their hometowns.

Many of these workers unable to pay rent have now found themselves living on the street waiting for some type of transport service to begin so they could travel home.

Many of them claimed that the police have told them not to try to reach any relief camps and stay where they are on the street.

These people now find themselves dependent of on charitable organizations for food, however unable to charge their phones.

They cannot meet other people and get reliable information either.

These people wait in hope for some relief.

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