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 Million Dollar Genius: Is this your moment to change the World?

Million Dollar Genius: Is this your moment to change the World?

by Shubhangi Jena September 11 2017, 5:59 pm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 3 secs

Ever had a spark, an idea that was your ‘this-is-it’ moment? The light-bulb moment that promised of bringing forth floods of change or revolutionary ideas that seemed practically implausible but were worth the shot!? Million Dollar Genius is about such people and their cracks, which welcomed the light- ordinary people with extraordinary ideas that swivelled their world for a lifetime.

The Season-1 episode-1 aired in 2016 and post a grand success is back for a round 2 in 2017. Million Dollar Genius celebrates the stories of commoners whose ideas have taken the world by awe. Simply speaking, it’s a grand celebration of people who scratched their ‘jugaadu’ minds to ignite real life inventions.

The show is a crevice into the profiles of people who had witnessed an ephemeral flash of an idea but through constant industriousness and perseverance turned into gold. These millionaires share their sagacious journey- from the ‘light bulb moment’ to the metamorphosis  of the idea into  a real life entity, the hour long narrative is all enticing for people whom ideas get ticking. What takes one aback are the simplicity and the complications, (remember, the devil’s always lurking in the details?) both wrapped in one tiny idea- the process from flashing thoughts to making money is no easy task. How simple an idea like a cardboard wrapping around your takeaway coffee cups looks like? But yes, someone is churning millions out of it!

The narrative jumpstarts with the birth of an idea and trails further to unfurl what lies ahead- development, marketing, all the mottos to live by. The entrepreneurs also share their mottos, their slumps and all the efforts that propelled them higher.

The series is a simple one with no touch of drama but it is rad when it comes to a real show showcasing real people.  From all the episodes what caught my attention is the cardboard wrap idea which surely gets one like ‘this might have clicked us too but we definitely waved it off’ or the simple backyard ideas that gets one all starry-eyed.

If life never stops teaching why stop learning?

In my opinion, Million Dollar Genius is a phenomenal learning experience adding to the archive of your own ideas that  might one day as well be the ‘Midas touch.’ If you are one of those who hustle  and stay drunk on ideas 24/7, this show is for you.

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