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Four Million+ Views on Artiste First’s Tarakkiyan and Raghav Kinra just released his debut track along with a video, reports the #Newsdesk

Dil Da Haal (Artist Raghav Kinra)

Passionate about music as well as acting, Raghav graduated from IIM Indore, and works as a marketer to sustain himself in Mumbai. He auditions for roles and pursues his music goals because those are the two art forms, he wants to make a career in as an artist.

Self-trained as a singer, he says, “This track, Dil Da Haal, in particular, HAD to be my first track because it’s a Punjabi song, and my dad was a hardcore Punjabi at heart. So, I really wanted my first song to be in Punjabi and dedicated to the man who dreamed of me becoming a performer when he was alive. I wish he was here today to see this video. It would’ve made him so happy”.

Raghav also tells us that he started writing songs in 2021 because he wanted to make original music and put it out to the world. He has a great line-up of songs ready to be recorded and is working on them at present.

About the video of ‘Dil Da Haal’, he says, “The idea was to keep the vibe, which is in line with the lyrics. It’s a sad song on an upbeat, western production. We wanted to play with lighting to make it moody, thus lots of red and green lighting. We shot it in one night, with a three-person crew – Kritika Bharadwaj (actor and star of Mismatched on Netflix among other things), Rohit Virdi (DOP) and me (producer)”.

The music video is live on YouTube now!

Tarakkiyan (Artists DRV and Boyblanck with Bombay The Artist)

Artiste First’s latest release is a funky, cool anthem that pays an ode to all the hard-working hustlers of the world. Featuring talented musicians DRV and Bombay The Artist, ‘Tarakkiyan’ is Artiste First’s biggest hip-hop production to date.

Part of DRV and Boyblanck’s Multani Mitti album, Tarakkiyan, is a new school modern trap beat, which revels in a snazzy yet rustic vibe.

Written and performed by DRV and Boyblanck, with Bombay The Artist lending guest vocals, this trendy melody has many musical surprises up its sleeve. While the song’s title translates into success, it delivers the message of staying grounded and simple no matter how high the success is. With catchy lyrics that breathe fire and groovy music that captures Punjabi panache, Tarakkiyan has style, substance and instant repeat value.

Talking about his latest song, DRV said, “Tarakkiyan is a song that comes from a very personal space. In my whirlwind musical journey, I’ve wholeheartedly embraced my highs, but my beliefs have also led me to stay humble, and that is the essence we wanted to imbibe in this track”.

It’s not just the music that stands apart! Tarakkiyan also boasts of a visually rich music video created on a grand and lush scale, music produced by Babywxve. The Artiste First production sees DRV and Boyblanck as well as Bombay The Artist, at their dapper best as they vibe on the streets of Dubai. Directed by Aavrit Bagga, the music video reflects the epic scale of the song.

Delhi-based rapper DRV has set the hip-hop scene ablaze with his unique vocals and supreme melodies, while Noida native Boyblanck is a hip-hop heartthrob who has already worked with the likes of Anurag Kashyap. The dynamic duo has crafted a hip-hop tune for the ages with Tarakkiyan.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Boyblanck said, “I’ve always been someone who counts his blessings after every new milestone; to be able to convey this message through my art has been an extremely satisfying experience”.

Talking about the lavish production, Rohit Sobti, Co-Founder of Artiste First said, “Tarikkiyan is a fresh vibe to the current scene. Audiophiles will really embrace the zest and energy of this track”.

Celebrating success is important, but what makes 'Tarakkiyan' truly special is its message of humility in the face of achievement. 

'Tarakkiyan' reminds us to stay grounded, to appreciate the journey, and to never forget the values that got us here. Collaborating with DRV and Boyblanck on this project has allowed me to blend my style with theirs, creating something unique and powerful,” said Bombay The Artist.  

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