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True Review: Ony By Two - A Popular Perspective

True Review: Ony By Two - A Popular Perspective

by Bhisham Makhija February 3 2014, 1:50 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 55 secs

ONE BY TWO – ????????????????


1st Question to the makers of One By Two:  What was on your mind to make this movie?

Wasting audience time and money by making movies like this is bad for Bollywood. 

What to review about such type of movies?  As a reviewer,  you have to drink Red Bull to be awake to watch such movies.  So many audience left the movie midway within 30 minutes of the movie.

The only bright spark in the whole movie is Preeti Desai and Lillette Dubey.  Their daughter mother chemistry is good and both of them have acted very well & particularly Preeti Desai shows lots of promise.  Abhay Deol looks confused in his role.  Rati Agnihotri, Jayant Kripalani and Darshan Jariwala do not know what they are doing in this movie.  Music is not great.   There is no story. There are some crass fart scenes and sex jokes.  That’s all. 

Bollywood – learn your maths well and Dear Audience – avoid these One by Two’s.

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