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True Review: Yaariyan

True Review: Yaariyan

by The Daily Eye Team January 11 2014, 4:00 pm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 36 secs

Star Rating: ** Stars




When will Bollywood grow up?  Why production houses with huge resources wasting theirs as well as audience money and time by producing and marketing movies on lavish scale without any logical storylines and entertainment values?

Take this.  A fairy tale type of college scenario in Sikkim where students are just having fun and where boys and hot looking college girls wearing colourful, skimpy & revealing costumes are just flirting and thinking of kissing and sex.   An Australian bald villain type businessman wants to buy the Girls College for opening Casino, etc. and the College Principal – Gulshan Grover, who is emotionally attached with the college requests the Australian to drop the idea of buying the college.  Now comes the real illogical scene.  The Australian agrees on the condition – let Indians and Australians compete with each other in Australia (3 competitions) and India (2 competitions) and if Indians win, he will let the college as it is. 

Ok, you digest this and start thinking – let’s just enjoy the movie.  But you are in for a big letdown in terms of future proceedings in the movie due to lack of good direction and emotional connect.  Now, the College  Principal shortlists 5 good for nothing type of students (as usual) – 3 boys and 2 girls for the competition, they are off to Australia, they lose 2 games and win 1. In Australia, there is racial discrimination, sudden spurt of love and emotion for mother, patriotism, friend back stabbing for personal gain, death of a friend (who is actually a cousin).  Come back to India.  Then the film takes another boring  turn – emotions which do not touch your heart, romance which makes you yaawwn.   In the end, the hero plays both the games and wins against all odds (as usual).  You feel that you are watching Krish series superhero movie in the last game. Hurray, finally – relief – the film is over.

Some of the scenes are for cheap thrills –  the female staff of the college  – 1 in India & another in Australia – showing their cleavage and seducing the male staff of the college. 

The production value, photography, music and choreography is good.  The look of the film is colourful.  Some of the shots in Australia (particularly, the bike race) and Sikkim have been captured beautifully.  The annual college function scene is quite hilarious. The young cast tries to do their best, in terms of acting – some of them do succeed sometime in few scenes.  The senior star cast of Gulshan Grover, Deepti Naval & Smita Jaykar do not have much to do in this film.  Best wishes to Divya Kumar Khosla for her next venture.

Go watch this film if you just want to enjoy colourful MTV type songs (the pyjama party, sunny sunny), few other emotional and romantic songs on big screen and hot looking babes in colourful, revealing & skimpy costumes.

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