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Amit Khanna

Former Chairman of Reliance Broadcasting Network, Amit Khanna is a poet, writer, film director and producer. He's one of the few thinkers who is able to view the business of entertainment objectively. In his spare time Amit Khanna goes to his beautiful home in Simla and spends time there writing.

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Farewell Basu Da

Amit Khanna talks about Basu Chatterjee on the day Indian Cinema has lost him. He recalls how Basu Da was known for having mir...

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Trust Deficit

A lack of confidence pummels institutions, sours relationships.

Trust is one of the cornerstones ...

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Living in the Troll Age

Fifty years ago, the internet was used as a medium to communicate between two individuals.  Over time, it ...

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Point of View: From Streets to Table

Nothing reflects a culture as its cuisine. Here’s a perspective on India’s food culture....

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The Perils of the Use and Abuse of Social Media

Humans, by nature, have loved to communicate and share stories and views since the beginning of time. Who would...

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The Ever Self-indulgent Bollywood Marketing

It is well known that in spite of producing the largest number of films in the world, the health of the industr...

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Films: Opportunity in the Crisis

In several of my recent articles I have written about the crisis facing Indian film industry, specially Bollywo...

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Celebrity Circus and Media

Andy Warhol famously said that everyone in the world would be famous for fifteen minutes.

Hyperbole per...

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The Disappearing Art of Conversation

Since the emergence of humans on the planet, conversation has been the cornerstone of human civilization. From the initial words exchanged r...

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Change and its many manifestations in India

Everyone in the country has a mobile phone. India has more than a billion phones, second only to China. Almost 240 million people have telev...

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