About Us

The Daily Eye is a unique offering of contemporary and relevant content with specially curated human interest and other stories of social relevance to inspire Creative Communities of the world of Media and Entertainment and motivate them to enrich their works with facts and realism.

The Daily Eye Team sources the latest socially relevant news from the national and international film industries with special focus on the philanthropic activities of the Bollywood and Hollywood stars, along-with the most significant happenings worldwide through Film Festivals as also in Alternative Entertainment which covers Independent Films, Music, Dance and Theatre that has definite impact on their audiences.

Stories that inform of the latest developments in Health, Sustainable Development, Environment, Gender, and Human Rights seek to motivate and inspire the readers. 

The Daily Eye Team is interdisciplinary in nature and is a mix of In- house and Guest contributors.


Vinta Nanda- Managing Editor.
Vinta Nanda, Managing Director, Asian Center for Entertainment Education (ACEE), leads strategy for The Third Eye 2.0 processes, and writes on contemporary issues, mainly about where media and entertainment intersect with social issues.


Augustine Veliath- Communications Expert.
Augustine Veliath, Co-founder, Director, ACEE, writes on contemporary social and development issues with special focus on child rights.


Hussain Kalvert.
Hussain Kalvert is the Chief Operating Officer here at ACEE and hails from a business background. After completing his schooling from the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, he went on to graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Capital Scholars Program at the University Of Illinois, Springfield. Apart from having been an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry in the United States as well as in India, he has also held a leadership position at a premier event management firm in Muscat, Oman. An off-road enthusiast and an ardent animal lover, in his spare time you may find him trying to find a new jungle trail somewhere or simply playing with his dogs. 


Sukanya Sudarson.
Sukanya is the Assistant Manager – Programs. She has a Social Work background specialising in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and a degree in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication. She has more than five years of teaching experience and at The Third Eye, she is involved in research and documentation. She enjoys reading, travelling and music.



Himanshi Saboo.
Himanshi Saboo is the Creative Consultant at The Daily Eye and The Third Eye. She believes in "In omnia paratus" - prepared for all things, ready for anything.  A Surat resident who's in love with Mumbai she always has each foot in both the cities. She also helps in pushing critical content of which the world should know about. If not found sleeping, she is definitely reading in some corne


Denver Fernandes.
Denver Fernandes is an Associate Creative Director and the mind behind the original content on The Daily Eye and The Third Eye. With an eye for everything artistic, he loves making movies and writing screenplays. At The Third Eye, he ideates, writes and directs films. He also writes film reviews as well as manages social media platforms. When this workaholic is not creating something, you might catch him bobbing his head to his favorite music



 Aakanksha Solanki.
Aakanksha Solanki is an Associate Creative Director at ACEE. She’s an extrovert, who’s ready to delve into any kind of work that uplifts her soul. People and their stories interest her the most. A hippie with her Djembe, caught in civilization.


Vishal Dhateria.
Vishal Dhateria graduated with a Computer Engineering degree from Mumbai Univesity. He specializes in front end and back end web development, managing technical aspects of all web engagement done by ACEE. He is a passionate coder, and keeps up to date with all the latest trends in technology. He also pursues hobbies such as singing, chess and Rubick's cube.

Anand Tiwari.
Anand Tiwari is the Outreach Coordinator at The Third Eye. He also handles the day-to-day DPC (Daily Programming Chart) for the company website. Previously, he has been a Sales Manager in the field of Insurance and Communication after completion of his Higher Secondary School Certificate.


Mangesh Mohite.
Mangesh Mohite is the administrative assistant at ACEE The Third Eye. His role comprises of office maintenance, liaison, banking duties and assistance during company events.