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The Daily Eye is a unique offering of contemporary and relevant content about the arts, with specially developed and curated human interest and other stories which are inspiring to progressive societies and creative communities.

The portal offers stories of the latest developments in Health, Sustainable Development, Environment, Gender, and Human Rights. 

Stories about social awareness campaigns which leverage entertainment to inform societies from around the world are showcased in The Daily Eye.

The Daily Eye editorial team also publishes the latest news from the national and international film industries with special focus on the philanthropic activities of the film and television stars, along-with the most significant happenings worldwide which include offering information about music, film and arts festivals.

The editorial also covers unique and independent endeavours that lead to creative innovations in all forms of performing and non-performing arts in its Alternative Entertainment pages.

A weekly newsletter, The Eye of the Storm, goes to a large email database of The Daily Eye readerships which mainly comprise of entertainment, audience research and edutainment practitioners, academics of communications, media and entertainment, students of media and journalism, content creators, journalists, development experts and specialists, foundations and creative communities from around the world.

At the end of every year a specially appointed jury which includes members from the editorial team, writers, authors, documentarians, researchers and content creators draw the best lists of films, campaigns, television shows, philanthropic endeavours and individuals from the archives of The Daily Eye, to publish The Daily Eye Year Ender which enumerates the Top 10 in all categories for its readers.  


1. Environment

Here, we take a look at the human actions that threaten the future of our planet and also throw light on what one can do to protect it. The environment section also covers issues such as climate change and green living that raise a debate and the column showcases the most exemplary work being done by individuals and organisations around the world.

2. Health

You can read here about the latest health issues and medical breakthroughs that save human lives. We bring to focus mental health issues and success stories of people who have fought and overcome medical adversities. There is a special focus on health conditions of girls and women in India and around the world.

3. Gender

This section emphasizes the struggles of women and women leaders across the world in fighting gender inequality and it also brings to focus the stories of how women and men come together to make this world a better place for the next generation.

4. Human Rights

The human rights section brings to you, stories of serious violations of human beings’ right to live equally and peacefully and also stories of dignity and pride.

5. Sustainable Development

Here, we talk about global development issues that highlights how it meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. We also bring to you accounts of effective and viable solutions for sustainable living.

6. Alternative Entertainment

Books, music, theatre, documentaries, arts and stand-up comedy – you can read it all here. This section brings to you interesting stories from across the spectrum of independent entertainment happening around the world.

7. Bollywood

Bollywood is one of the largest film industry in the world and the success of Bollywood stands above all other national cinemas. There are no juicy gossips here, but you will find outstanding contributions by various artists in the field and their initiatives for various noble causes.


We go beyond Hollywood’s gleaming façade and bring to you, notable accounts and events which have held the attention of the world.

9. True Review

The editorial team at The Third Eye reviews a rare pick of movies and TV & digital shows that entertain, persuade and inform. Whether a movie is a brilliant work of art or a flop-story, our critics provide an original opinion without giving away the plot.

10. Retroscope

In Retroscope, you can find thought-provoking and motivating stories and experiences of our guest contributors like Rinki Bhattacharya Roy and Khalid Mohammed, both powerful and respected names in the field of Indian journalism. The writers here share with us some interesting and compelling throw-back moments from the India’s past as well as from the archives of the industry of entertainment which are worth recalling and reliving as well as hit notes with presents times.

11. Kaleidoscope

Our guest writer Deepa Gahlot gives her expert opinions about books, written by both national and international authors. Along with that, she also writes critiques about Indian theatre productions exhibited in Mumbai and elsewhere.

12. Thought Factory

A place for people to ponder. Thought Factory welcomes guest writers like Shiv Bhalla and Deepa Bhalerao as well as the in-house writers Vinta Nanda, Sukanya Sudarson, Denver Fernandes and others who deep dive to contemporary issues.

13. Powerful People

The Powerful People section covers interesting conversations between our in-house writers and people who have made a powerful impact in their field. We interview writers, directors, actors, technicians and development professionals who are passionate about their work and have never feared to take risks.

14. Trending

Trending articles have all the interesting, fun and happening stories and events from around the world. Meaningful campaigns, festival reports, communications and media school events are included for coverage.



The Daily Eye Team is interdisciplinary in nature and is a mix of In- house and Guest contributors.



Vinta Nanda
Managing Editor

Vinta Nanda, the Managing Director of Asian Center for Entertainment Education (ACEE) leads strategy for The Third Eye and is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Eye. She writes on contemporary issues, mainly about where media and entertainment intersect with social issues.

Augustine Veliath
Communications Expert

Augustine Veliath, Co-founder and Director of ACEE, writes on contemporary social and development issues with special focus on child rights.

Sukanya Sudarson
Manager Programs

Sukanya is the Manager Programs at ACEE and she leads the editorial team and manages the programming for The Daily Eye. She enjoys writing from her personal experiences and on topics related to health and gender.

Denver Fernandes
Associate Creative Director

Denver is an Associate Creative Director and with an eye for everything artistic, he loves making movies and writing screenplays. At The Third Eye, he ideates, writes and directs films and also writes film reviews every week.

Aakanksha Solanki
Associate Creative Editor

Aakanksha is an Associate Creative Director at ACEE. At the Third Eye, she writes movie reviews and manages the social media platforms

Yash Saboo
Creative Writer

Yash is a Creative Writer for ACEE The Third Eye. Apart from being a BMM student by day and a writer by night, he is also a cinephile and a food enthusiast.

Shubangi Jena
Creative Writer

Shubhangi is a Creative Writer for ACEE The Third Eye. A scripturient at heart and a techie by choice, she revels in translating her musings and engagements with the world into a piece or blogs.




Amit Khanna

Former Chairman of Reliance Broadcasting Network, Amit Khanna is a poet, writer, film director and producer. He's one of the few thinkers who is able to view the business of entertainment objectively. In his spare time Amit Khanna goes to his beautiful home in Simla and spends time there writing.

Deepa Gahlot

Deepa Gahlot is Head, Programming Theatre and Film at the National Center for Performing Arts (NCPA). Deepa wears many hats. She is a journalist, critic, columnist, editor, scriptwriter and author. For The Daily Eye, she reviews books, theatre productions and documentaries for the Kaleidoscope column.

Jyoti Venkatesh

Veteran Bollywood reporter Mr. K.A. Venkatesh, popularly known as Jyothi Venkatesh is a complete cinema-phile! He has over forty-five years of experience contributing articles to many publications such as The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Femina and Filmfare to name a few.

Khalid Mohamed

Khalid Mohamed is a journalist, editor, film critic, screenwriter and film director. He formerly worked for the Hindustan Times and was the lead editor for the Filmfare magazine. He reminisces and writes about Bollywood and the entertainment industry of yesteryears.

Ranjit Rodricks

Ranjit Rodricks is a leading fashion and lifestyle writer who is a popular figure on India's style circuit. He also curates art exhibitions and being a foodie, he is often seen enjoying a fantastic meal in the company of close friends.

Rinki Roy Bhattacharya

Rinki Roy was born with cinema in her veins. Her journalistic journey began when she was in her twenties. She filed features on cinema, investigative reports about new wave directors, interviews with eminent film makers and artists. She is also the founder chairperson of the Bimal Roy Film Society.