The Cobrador’s Stare

Debt collectors are known to be aggressive and sometimes violent, but what happens with a black-clad hooded figure does nothing but follow a defaulter around and stare at h...

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Autumn of The Matriarch

Lillette Dubey’s Primetime Theatre Company completed 25 years in 2016, and the celebrations continue, with a series of new plays.

When she set up her group in...

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Dazzling Debut

When Fiona Mozley’s debut novel Elmet made it to the Man Booker Awards shortlist this year, alongside writers like Paul Auster and Ali Smith, ...

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Brief Encounters

Female bonding is rare in Bollywood movies, so a play about strangers meeting in a railway waiting room on a stormy night has been doing well in multiple languages.  Read More

A Heroine For Our Times

The Girl With The DragonTattoo was a huge success story in publishing, that needs more stars like Lisbeth Salander. Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson created a her...

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Humanity To The Fore

There is a saying in Punjabi, Jis Lahore naivekhya o jamiya hi nai—which translates roughly as ‘He who hasn’t been to Lahore hasn’t li...

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Archie's Four Lives

Paul Auster’s 4321 has made it to the Man Booker Award shortlist this year—the extraordinary 880-page tome that is as much about its protagon...

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The Slate Wiped Clean

As life spans increase in modern times, one of the consequent risks is age-related memory loss or dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease attacks the brain and slowly wipes the...

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Men Without Tears

For a few years now, Haruki Murakami has been in the running for the Literature Nobel; meanwhile he collects fans all over the world, with his books about modern-day Japan,...

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Is Love Enough?

The synopsis of the play Bas… Tum Aur Hum, asks a very important question: If marriages are made in heaven what is it that keeps them going on Earth?<...

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Labour Laws for Children

Human Rights Watch published a dispatch last Wednesday, reporting the establishing of...

November 24 2017

First look poster of film ‘Evening Shadows’ unveiled at Film Bazaar, Goa

The first look poster of Sridhar Rangayan’s feature film ‘Evening Shadows...

November 23 2017

The Right to Film

Place: Rainbow Children’s Home...

November 23 2017