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Aparajita Krishna

Aparajita Krishna has significant experience across media platforms and creative-arts as writer, director, presenter, researcher, producer, collaborator and mentor. Erstwhile actor.  

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M.L. Jaisimha! Memory Re-Play From Family Pitch!

Aparajita Krishna recollects memories of the cricket great M. L. Jaisimha through his family and friends and presents the legend here for you.

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Aparajita Krishna writes, “Like the persons quoted herein many of us live with the memories of those times in Indian cin...

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I shall cherish the materializing of this article. The attempt is to visit the great cinema-maestro Bimal Roy through his son Joy Bimal Roy&rsq...

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Shishir Sharma: The Gentleman Actor!

Aparajita Krishna goes on a long walk on the cobbled path of art, theatre and acting with actor Shishir Sharma, whose repertoi...

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Making Fraaandship with Nupur Asthana

Aparajita Krishna explores love, relationships, friendships, feminism and more in the interview with writer, director Nupur As...

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RUCHI NARAIN: On a creative roller-coaster ride!

Aparajita Krishna visits filmmaker Ruchi Narain’s world this time – a 360 degree roller coaster ride. Enjoy i...

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Vijay Akela: Bol Rahe!

Aparajita Krishna discusses voice and lyrics with poet-lyricist Vijay Akela - a unique conversation about poetry, vocabul...

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MUJIB: The Making Of A Nation

Aparajita Krishna has brief but deep conversations with director Shyam Benegal, co-writer Atul Tiwari and costume designer Pia...

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Manasi Rachh: In the Spotlight

Aparajita Krishna traces actor, model Manasi Rachh’s interesting journey across theatre, films and now web-series.


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Geetanjali Kulkarni: 25 years an Actor

Aparajita Krishna views actor Geetanjali Kulkarni’s life and career through the prism of her cutting-edge work in theatr...

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