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Humra Quraishi is a Delhi based writer - columnist - journalist. Her books include two books on the Kashmir Valley, Kashmir The Unending tragedy: Reports From the Frontlines; Kashmir The  Untold Story; a volume  of  her collective writings, Views: Yours and  Mine; 2 short  story  collections, Bad Time Tales and  More  Bad  Time  Tales;  a  volume, Divine Legacy: Dagars &  Dhrupad; debut  novel  based in the Kashmir Valley, Meer. She has co- authored  The  Good  The  Bad  and  The  Ridiculous : Profiles; Absolute Khushwant  and  a  series of writings  with the  late Khushwant Singh. Her take on what’s it like to be a singleton in today's turbulent times is part of the Penguin published anthology - Chasing the Good Life: On Being Single. And  one  of her essays, The  State Can’t  Snatch  Away our Children, is part of the  Zubaan  published  anthology, Of  Mothers And Others. And  in the volume on the 1984 Sikh riots, 1984: In Memory and Imagination. Her essay is  titled, Why not a Collective Cry for Justice!


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