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Satyabrata Ghosh

Satyabrata Ghosh is a Kolkata based screenwriter and often writes articles relating to cinema in newspapers and magazines while aspiring to make films soon.

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Government in Hibernation - Lay-offs Rampant

Instead of preparing the youth for difficult times ahead, the government of India is leading them into uncertainty by giving false hope, writes...

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Bengali Cinema: A Middle Way to Tread

Satyabrata Ghosh explores the cinema of West Bengal to conclude how the median between art and commerce exists and has been of...

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Ballavpurer Roopkatha: A Director In-charge

Satyabrata Ghosh distinguishes between an assembly line process aimed to gain eyeballs from that, which enables cinema to rema...

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On Watching Ponniyin Selvan

Satyabrata Ghosh reviews PS-1, a Mani Ratnam film, and discusses why such alternate content is of prime importance at a time w...

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Figuring out Chaddha

An essential quality of cinema is to portray moments that are transitory in human life, writes Satyabrata Ghosh in his take on...

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Sardar Udham: The Shadow Man

Satyabrata Ghosh explains why the film Sardar Udham should be watched to fathom what undying love for one’s own country ...

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