Hey thinker!

Do you want to be a doer?

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The campaign ‘If I Am Born’ is a series of stories and features of passionate people who want to make their voice heard. This Campaign also strives to bring to life issues that people face every day, whether it is gender inequality or environmental problems the campaign transcends all issues. All you have to do is choose a topic from the list below and write about it or send us a video or a photo essay. We will then broadcast your story to the world.


Sustainable Development
Human Rights
Gender Equality
Female infanticide
LGBTQ Community
Same sex marriages
Media’s Role In Society
Minority Groups
Gender Stereotypes
Child Rights
Hazardous Workplace
Any other Social topic

Here’s some thought starters:

People usually read stories and blogs because they are personal. Your stories could be an incident, something you’ve experienced in life or even something you think needs to change. Sometimes writing a story from a different perspective, or shooting a short film based on your perspective of the issue, putting yourself in the shoes of someone else gives birth to good art.

Headline- If I Am Born… Poor

    • You can write about poverty and agriculture
    • You could also write a letter from the perspective of a excluded person or community.
    • Another way could be writing a short story or poem on this topic.
    • List down a bunch of must see rags-to-riches movies.
    • A documentary film on a personality who strives to uphold the rights of children and the disadvantaged.
    • You can think of other creative ways and topics too..

Headline- If I Am Born… In Pollution

  • You can write about how pollution is affecting the environment around you.
  • You can write about how we should take a stand against pollution.
  • A video on ways to curb pollution.
  • A poem or short film on pollution.
  • Tell a story from the perspective of a tree.
  • You can think of other creative ways and topics too.

Ground rules:


  • The stories should be related to the topic you’ve selected and also in correlation to the theme of the campaign.
  • Do not exceed the limit of 500 words. Keep it short and hard-hitting.
  • Avoid plagiarism.


  • Try to keep your videos short and sweet.
  • The videos should not consist of material that is hurtful to religious and cultural sentiments.
  • Use original content to avoid copyright issues..
  • Take approvals for videos wherever possible..
  • Attach statutory warnings wherever needed.

Photo essay:

  • Approval from the people in the pictures you take of them is mandatory.
  • No vulgarity.
  • Send us your original pictures.
NOTE: Once you send your piece, we will then review it. Your story will be uploaded only after approval by The Daily Eye Editorial team.We will send you a mail with links to your work after it is approved and uploaded on our social media platforms and The Daily Eye website.


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