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Interview with the Man of the Wild, Mike Pandey

“If Salman Khan agrees, I can make a documentary film on how important it is to save tigers called ‘Tiger Zinda Rahega’”, says MIKE PANDEY.

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Meet the ‘Actor’ in Director Goutam Ghose

“I do not desire to act at all, though I agreed to act in Majidi's film ‘Beyond the Clouds’”. Goutam Ghose tells Jyothi Venkatesh.
The internat...

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Nostalgia - A rare interview of Mohammad Rafi

The legendary singer Mohammad Rafi's 93rd birth anniversary was held on December 24, 2017. To mark his birth anniversary, in his memory...

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''Theatre has always been my first love''. – Sunil Barve

Veteran actor director Sunil Barve has won several accolades for the various roles he has played throughout his career and many for hi...

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Shashi Kapoor - The Actor Without Airs Is No More

Shashi Kapoor, born as Balbir Prithviraj Kapoor, who was adored as the Adonis of Hindi Cinema and hailed as an actor with a global appeal of his own is no more. The embodim...

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Sanal Kumar Sasidharan: “There is nothing sexy about Durga in my film”.

The firebrand director shot to fame recently when his latest film S Durga was banned from being showcased as part of the Indian Panorama section in the 49th Read More

Abhishek Banerjee and Anmol Ahuja: No Stopping this Casting Duo

“Casting is 65 percent of directing”, said John Frankenheimer, the four-time consecutive Emmy Award winning American film and television director. Casting is a ...

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Sridhar Rangayan – Taking The LGBTQ Discourse From His Personal To The Political

I’ve known him for years, but Sridhar has become a dear friend in the last few years, from the time that we launched the Asian Cen...

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Salim Asgarally’s latest offering - Innovative Idea’s Inked (III):

Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Fashion & Design are its key deliverables to young India.

I’ve heard many of Salim’s c...

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Sulabha Arya - She does not stoop to Conquer!!!

One summer noon we were heading in a Bus towards London’s Buckingham Palace with my UK based daughter, son in law and his mother Sulabha. The latter happens...

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‘Evening Shadows’ to premiere at the Mardi Gras Film Festival

Award winning Indian filmmaker and gay activist Sridh...

February 20 2018

Role Reversal to address Domestic Abuse

In what countries are women and men on the most equal...

February 20 2018