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#BossyBuyOut – A Campaign to buy the Royal Haymarket Theatre

A crowdfunding campaign has been initiated by a group of women called Bossy Read More

Alternative Music with ATFC and Switcheroo

There's a list of music genres people listen to in India and that includes Bollywood, Bollywood rock, Bollywood jazz, Bollywood EDM, Bollywo...

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Where do Women Stand when it comes to Stand-Up Comedy?

When I picture a stand-up comedian in my mind, it’s always a man. This is eerie, yet a sad truth of the comedy industry. Take a trip b...

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Summoning, An Anti Facist Metal Band

These are strange days for classic heavy metal. Many godfathers of the movement are in their 60s, some close to 70 years old, including memb...

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Sesame Street to help Child Refugees in Syria

Sesame Street is an educational television program designed for preschoolers and is recognized as a pioneer of the contemporary standard which combines education...

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Cold War and Cool Jazz

“If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know.” ― Louis Armstrong


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Nominees of the 75th Golden Globe Award

It’s time for celebration. The long wait ends and the hard work and efforts come to fruition soon. The nominees for the 75th Golden Globe Awards were announced on 11t...

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Casablanca: The Most Quoted Movie of all Times

It’s still the same old story. Seventy-five years after it was released, Casablanca (1942) remains one of the world’s best-loved films and one of my favourite f...

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Waiting for the Ban on Banning of Banning!

While the intentions of outright banning books, art, music, symbols, statues, or behaviour are usually always good—desires to end raci...

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Aeschylus’s millennia old play gets an epic adaptation through The Suppliant Women

Written 2,500 years ago, The Suppliant Women is one of the world’s oldest plays which speaks to us through the ages with startling resonance for our troubled times. I...

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‘Evening Shadows’ to premiere at the Mardi Gras Film Festival

Award winning Indian filmmaker and gay activist Sridh...

February 20 2018

Role Reversal to address Domestic Abuse

In what countries are women and men on the most equal...

February 20 2018