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Annapurna Film school to manage official Mumbai Film Festival blog

Annapurna Film school to manage official Mumbai Film Festival blog

by The Daily Eye Team October 21 2013, 3:49 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 32 secs

The 15th Mumbai Film Festival has appointed Annapurna International School of Film + Media to document the upcoming 15th edition of the festival and to manage the festival blog.

A large delegation of AISFM students will be present at the festival and will produce videos of all events and activities throughout the festival. The videos will then be shared though the festival’s social media channels.

While several international film festivals have previously worked with film schools to run master classes and workshops, this will be the first time that a major festival has partnered with a film school in a production capacity.

The aim of the partnership is to extend the festival experience through digital media for the attendees as well as to create a permanent documentary record of the festival for future reference. Cinema fans around the world will be able to track each day’s events through channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and other channels.

Mr. Srinivasan Narayanan, Director, Mumbai Film Festival said, “The 15th Mumbai Film Festival is one of Asia leading film festivals, with more than 200 films from 65 countries on offer as well as many master classes, labs, discussions with leading filmmakers and a Film Mart. We want to increase our online presence through social media to allow a wider audience to engage with the festival experience.This partnership with AISFM helps us to achieve that goal”

In a statement to the press, Akkineni Nagarjuna, the founder president of Annapurna International School of Film + Media said, “It is fantastic to see Mumbai Film Festival providing this exciting opportunity to film students. Working behind the scenes at a major festival is a great way for students to develop production skills and to develop connections within the film industry. We are very happy that our students are involved.”

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