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Bhanu Uday: I signed on for Hamari Sister Didi ‘coz it’s a love story

Bhanu Uday: I signed on for Hamari Sister Didi ‘coz it’s a love story

by The Daily Eye Team September 3 2014, 12:34 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 9 secs

The actors talk about their new show on Sony Pal, their characters in Hamari Sister Didi, how different it is from other doctor shows and the impending competition. Read excerpts from the interview… Tell us about Hamari Sister Didi and your characters in the show. Pariva Pranati: This show is for Sony Pal. The channel is coming up with a few shows which have no villain in it. Characters will only react according to the situations they are put in. Hamari Sister Didi is a hospital based show. I am playing the nurse and Bhanu Uday plays a doctor in the show.

Bhanu Uday: We’ve been shooting this for a week now but I just realised something today. In the frontier of medicine, they actually tell people how emotions help people to get better physically. In spite of not being a doctor, this girl has caught on to something which even doctors today are actually talking about. But my character has a metro mindset. He thinks the body is just a machine which can be treated like a robot – that’s his approach towards medicine. The dynamic between these two characters is very beautiful they know that the opposite person is right sometimes. The characters in the show are very real and imperfect – so people can relate to them.

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