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Celebrating Freedom through Short Films

Celebrating Freedom through Short Films

by The Daily Eye News Desk August 21 2018, 6:00 pm Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 18 secs

Films are a powerful tool for change. They break all kinds of geographical, linguistic and social barriers. They are a true reflection of society. Cinema has changed over the last century as the society has changed and sometimes cinema becomes the medium of change. Films are not just a source of entertainment. They have a powerful voice.

At Tukai Films, they are a bunch of young and enthusiastic people, who are passionate about cinema, strive towards making the voice of cinema even more powerful. They aim to blend dramatic storytelling with social impact. They collaborate with like-minded people, who want to make films that can touch people’s hearts and bring a smile to their face. They want to create content with a conscience. The company rests on the belief that when they make films from the heart it reaches and makes a firm place in the hearts of every member of the audience.

Making of An Independence Day

In Priyanka Kashikar’s (founder of Takai Films) words, “‘it is the seed that grows to a tree’. Similarly, the idea for this film came about in a conversation. As a mere joke! What if we make a film on a woman, on her way home at night and nothing happens? We’ll call this film ‘Celebrate nothing’. Although, it was a joke, something about it just stuck.”

“Celebrate nothing? That made sense. Why are women celebrated only on Women’s Day and Mother’s Day? There are umpteen videos made, urging everyone to respect women. It is essential that women are respected, but just respect isn’t enough. We were sure we would get drowned out by the cacophony of ‘Happy Women’s Day’. That is when it struck us. Why not make a simple film - one that underlines the need for a woman to truly be free”, she continues.  

Slowly but surely the film began taking shape. The right technicians came on board and lent it a piece of their heart. Everyone on board was passionate about it, men and women alike. 

The team shot the film all over Mumbai for two nights. They chose to shoot it on an IPhone X so that they can be inconspicuous while shooting. The grainy and handheld feel gives a very rugged vibe to the visuals. The director, Tom Koshy believes, “Effective storytelling doesn’t need fancy equipment”. That is exactly what they achieved through the film.

They timed the release of the film to intersect with Independence Day, to suggest to the audience a new kind of freedom. As soon as they released it on social platforms, the response was phenomenal! The team is excited that it resonated with people throughout India and the world. 

Here is some of the love that the team received:

“It truly put Pandit Nehru’s speech in a modern context. The film resonated to my core. I have a daughter, and it made me dream of a future that we can offer her as a social responsibility.” – Rupesh Tillu, Actor, India

“Strong women = Strong world. This film has a beautiful message; it echoes the sentiment of women on a global scale.” – Dorothy Pecoraro, Writer, USA

“I could see myself in it. I hope my daughter gets to travel bindass too.” – Tanvi Rathod, Healthcare Professional, India

“This film resonates with women all over the world”. – Olga Artemeyva, Film Festival Director, Russia

“You’ve managed to convey in 2 non-dialog minutes what endless hours of noisy debates and sensationalism have not.” – Sharath Giri, Entrepreneur, India

We wish the team at Tukai Films more success at meaningful filmmaking that can touch the lives of people, so this world is a better place for generations to come.

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