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“Dance is an emotion, an expression of happiness,” Shiamak Davar

“Dance is an emotion, an expression of happiness,” Shiamak Davar

by The Daily Eye News Desk March 1 2019, 5:22 pm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 44 secs

As the 9th edition of the much anticipated 5th Veda session unfolded at Whistling Woods International (WWI), a wave of joyous fervour and excitement filled the campus on 1st March 2019. The renowned choreographer Shiamak Davar present for the interactive session shared a new perspective on dance as a universal form of spiritual expression that has held together our culture for centuries. 
The eventful day started with the tree plantation ceremony at the WWI campus. Following this, eager students got a detailed insight into Shiamak’s contribution to the dance fraternity. Subhash Ghai took the opportunity to highlight the role of spirituality in Shiamak Davar’s career by adding, “Shiamak Davar is known for his dance, choreography, and acting abilities. However, one knows very little about the spiritual essence that lies in his core. One should delve deep to uncover this aspect of him.” 

The auditorium echoed with jubilant cheers as the students took the opportunity to wow Shiamak Davar with a musical medley that combined the best elements of Hindi and Telugu film songs. Shiamak Davar appreciated the efforts put together by the students and added, “Dance liberates you. To define simply, dance is something energetic happening to your body, but not from the sole of your feet. It’s an expression of your soul.” Further elaborating upon this point, he stated, “Dancing isn’t purely about the physical aspect. It’s an emotion, an expression of happiness.” 
Upon being requested by Subhash Ghai, Shiamak Davar proceeded to dazzle the audience with an impromptu dance recital. Flowing from the style of a three-year-old to that of an eighty-plus, he perfectly imitated and brought forward the essence of dance as an art form.  
Encouraging the aspiring students, Shiamak Davar advised, "If you keep suppressing everything within, you will feel sick. The more you are out there, doing what you love, it's enough. Unless you really love what you do, don't do it. If you love and are in love with what you do, it will take you places."
During his interaction with the engrossed students, he further emphasised that they are very lucky to be a part of WWI and learn under the mentorship of the multi-talented showman of the Hindi film industry, Subhash Ghai.
Elaborating upon the importance of education to bring out the natural talent, Shiamak Davar stated, "There are some natural dancers, but they don't know they are natural in their art form. It is training that helps them enhance their skills and become fantastic in their trade." As the closing words of advice, he further added, "Unless you learn the craft, there is no use. The natural talent will come out, if you channelize it correctly. If you have it in your mind, you are too talented but never work upon the same, it won't help you at all." 
The closing highlight of the session was the enthralling performance by his students, Puneet and Upasana, which left the audience spellbound. 
The day marked its end with Meghna Ghai Puri presenting a token of appreciation to the chief guest, amidst a thunderous round of applause from the appreciative audience.

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