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~ The world to witness the dialog of Arts & Encounter of Cultures ~
~ 7000 participants from 125 countries over 14 days ~

India, May 2015: For art and culture enthusiasts, February 2016 is the time to head to Goa and witness a truly international mega event, the Youth Delphic Games, comes to India for the first time. Regarded the world over as the Olympics of art and culture, Delphic Games’ Youth edition will be hosted in Goa from February 01 to 14, 2016, after the last edition held in Johannesburg, South Africa four years ago and 7 editions earlier around the world.

Some globally celebrated Indian faces such as Alyque Padamsee, Dr. Sonal Mansingh, Shiamak Davar, Pahlaj Nihalani, Cultural Icons from around the world are associated with the Delphic Games. Late Legend Nelson Mandela was the Delphic Youth Ambassador till his lifetime.

This time, Goa is inviting the artistic youth of the world between 15 and 25 years of age, to participate under the motto“Celebrating Arts and Cultures”. Artistic competitions, presentations and exhibitions define the essence of the much-anticipated Games. Artists and performers from around the world will come to India to showcase their talent and cement cultural ties with the rest of the World.

The iconic series, Youth Delphic Games 2016 is a 14-day mega floor that celebrates Arts and Cultures across six categories – Musical Arts & Sounds, Performing Arts, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Social Arts, and Ecological Arts & Architecture. The Youth Delphic Games Indian edition is slated to attract 125 countries sending over 7000 participants to compete in over 6 art categories over 14 days.

Pankaj Kothari, Spokesperson from the Delphic Games Organising Committee said, “It is a proud moment for India to host the world’s largest common floor for Arts & Cultures, especially at the most opportune time in India’s journey to be a global Super-power. With the beautiful backdrop of Goa and the World’s growing interest in India, there is no better time than this. Delphic Games is over 2500 years old and is the twin sister of the Olympic Games, it has the power to unite the world in artistic expressions and thus reduce conflicts. And the delight is that India is the youngest country today, with the oldest civilization!”

Nikhil Desai, Managing Director of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Goa government shared, “Goa is a true representation of our great Country. Being selected to host the coveted Youth Delphic Games raises Goa to global prominence as a Cultural Tourism hub, culinary paradise besides being known as a leisure paradise. We will leave no stone unturned to make it one of the most memorable editions ever hosted in the world”.

Held once every four years in two formats, Delphic Games is a performer’s paradise, where celebration and creativity go hand in hand. A cultural haven for art lovers and young performers, this is a platform for enriching individual experiences and engagement for the media, opinion leaders, bloggers, columnists, government bodies and the people at large. For participants and for public, Delphic Games are an opportunity to witness the beauty of human expressions from across different races and cultures.

An organizing committee has been formed for the India chapter of Youth Delphic Games comprising of professionals around the country. Members include Niraj Vagle, Ashok Thakur, Pankaj Kothari, Ritesh Kumar, Pankaj Gupta, Sarika Baheti, Pranav Pingle and B Ramakrishna. Jamshed Mistry, Devraj Bardhan, Collin Curry, Yatin Kakodkar, Sanjay Parmar & Others advise the committee. The committee will ensure a planned and structured approach towards a seamless execution of the world event, Youth Delphic Games 2016.

About Delphic Games:

The International Delphic Council, Berlin, Germany (Non-Government, Non-Profit, Non-political) is a powerful initiative in the world to promote Art and Culture in a way that it brings humanity closer and strives for world peace through beautiful human expressions of the various arts – across linguistic, geographical, demographical, religious and social boundaries.

Delphic Games are to Arts & Cultures what Olympic Games are to Physical Sports. As the twin Sister of the Olympic games, they have a history of over 2500 years in Ancient Greece and over 20 years in the Modern Era.

The Delphic Games are the largest common floor for Arts and Cultures in the world, as Olympics games are the largest common floor for Sports. Categories include all disciplines of Categories include all disciplines of Musical Arts & Sounds, Performing Arts, Social Arts, Visual Arts, Linguistic Arts and Ecological Arts & Architecture.

The International Delphic Council (IDC) organizes the Delphic Games / Youth Delphic Games / Delphic Art Movie Award (DAMA) / World Culture Forum and Regional Delphiads, around the world.

The Games are organized every 4 years in 2 formats, alternatively. The games have been staged in 8 countries since 1997, including Georgia, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, South Africa & Greece.

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