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Human Rights Lawyer Ujwala Kadrekar To Share Insights With Scriptwriters On Domestic Violence And Abuse

Human Rights Lawyer Ujwala Kadrekar To Share Insights With Scriptwriters On Domestic Violence And Abuse

by Aakanksha Solanki May 10 2017, 6:18 pm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 38 secs

Human Rights Lawyer Ujwala Kadrekar will addressing media and entertainment leaders, writers, producers, journalists and authors at The Third Eye program headquarters, for the SUPERNOVA workshop on Thursday the 11th May 2017 from 3pm to 5pm.

Ujwala holds a Master’s in Social Work and an LLB.
She is currently a Consultant with the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund). She’s been working in the social sector for past 22 years. She’s worked with Maharashtra State Commission for women for 12 years. There she was a Officer on Special Duty as the head of the Counselling Department, where her work included training and supervision of counsellors, drafting of women’s policy, drafting of new legislations and suggesting amendments to existing laws pertaining to women.
She will be shedding light on problems faced by women such as Domestic violence and abuse among others issues.
This interactive session will be highly informative and will help media professionals understand the legal as well as the root cause of these complications.

Vinta Nanda, Managing Director Asian Centre for Entertainment Education says, "The Third Eye program is the flagship program of Asian Centre for Entertainment Education and it is in partnership with Hollywood Health and Society, Norman Lear Centre, University of Southern California. The program works closely with various stakeholders of the media and entertainment industries of India to facilitate accuracy in the discourse on health, environment, gender and sustainable development in mainstream and popular entertainment. Over the last four year, The Third Eye program has partnered with over 250 stories cutting across all traditional and new media genres of entertainment and has facilitated the participation of experts, specialists and social scientists in the script writing process of content creators. The program has also conducted Impact Evaluation of many of the interventions and audiences have benefited exponentially. We want more and more content creators to participate in these discussions because audiences stand to benefit greatly. Do visit us at to know more about our work," she adds.

"It is a privilege to have Ujwala Kadrekar speak to writers at our event tomorrow. We hope to see the conversations that take place at the gathering, reflect in the stories that will unfold across channels and in theatres for audiences to see in the coming months. In the past we have also seen creative communities develop stories from the insights shared with them by our guests. One such example was Producer Deeya Singh, who created the series Hamari Sister Didi after she attended and participated in a Supernova program where she had got the opportunity to interact with Dr Armida Fernandez, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Director SNEHA and Dr Nikhil Datar, Gynaecologist and Women's Rights Lawyer; both of whom had shared their experiences as well as insights with a powerful group of content creators", says Deepa Bhalerao, Director Programs, Asian Centre for Entertainment Education.

Hussain Kalvert, COO ACEE says, "At ACEE we organise two such events every month as a part of the Supernova series of workshops. Supernova is a platform where writers get to interact with experts from diverse fields. It is an honour to have Ujwala on board for this one."

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