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by Editorial Desk August 8 2023, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 44 secs

The National Hawker Federation will participate in a very big way to make the campaign Mere Ghar Aakar To Dekho launched by ANHAD a national coalition of democratic and secular networks, reports the #Newsdesk

This was decided in a national level meeting recently concluded at Goa. The meeting was held from 1st to 4th of August 2023 in which more than 100 leaders of hawkers, representing more than 28 states and union territories have participated.

Com. Shaktiman Ghosh, General Secretary of NHF outlined the campaign and elaborated its significance.

It was also decided to mobilize 5000 families belonging to different faiths throughout the country. Families of different faiths will be invited to each other’s houses so that families could share love, compassion and trust between them.

It was also felt that such a campaign was badly needed as the Indian society is passing through a very critical phase whereby the communal fascist forces are bent upon dividing the Indian society on communal lines by spreading hate. These forces want to destroy the foundation of our society, which is pluralistic in nature. People of different faiths have lived together for hundreds of years. 

Com. Ghosh has further emphasised that the living experiences and issues of the common man irrespective of their faith are the same.

Therefore the NHF feels that it is the toiling masses which can only prevail upon the obstructionist forces and establish peace, compassion and trust among people belonging to different faiths and would save the country and society as well.

What is the Campaign about:

The target is that on August 15, 2023, one lakh families visit each other in all parts of the country, to set in motion the following plan of action:

  1. We meet at least one family who is not from our religion/class/caste/sexual orientation/region/ linguistic background. Following this meeting, we will extend an invite to the host family to our own home.
  2. We create opportunities to meet those who have different lived realities, such as single women, single mothers, and survivors of sexual violence, victims of communal, caste and ethnic violence, war widows, ex-soldiers, and freedom fighters and more. We also encourage breaking inter-generational barriers by having visits and interactions between the youth and the elderly.
  3. Through the meetings, it is hoped that all of us would make an effort to understand each other’s cultural milieu and social and personal issues.

After the meeting, we take selfies together and upload them on different social media platforms using hashtags #MereGharAaKeToDekho and #CelebrateAzadiTogether.

We will upload videos of our experience using the same hashtags after the visit.

Though the emphasis is on visiting homes of each other, at places where personal visits are not possible, our partner groups will be facilitating programmes to bring different communities together in public spaces, to carry and share meals, and to talk, sing, dance and experience each other’s life worlds.

Our endeavour is to keep it going long-term, because efforts to foster love and understanding between communities form the basis of creating a just, peaceful, and inclusive India.

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For more info, contact:

Shabnam Hashmi- 9811807558, Leena Dabiru- 9811137421, Bhavna Sharma-8860125558

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