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“Sister Didi is not a normal nurse, she is an amazing one….she believes in treating diseases with love more than medicine” says Bhavna Vyas in her exclusive interview with us

“Sister Didi is not a normal nurse, she is an amazing one….she believes in treating diseases with love more than medicine” says Bhavna Vyas in her exclusive interview with us

by The Daily Eye Team September 27 2014, 8:01 pm Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 36 secs

1. What inspired you to take up writing? 

It’s an interesting story…I was working at an event management company in Bhopal after completing my graduation. I never thought of becoming a professional writer, though I wrote a lot of captions, punch lines & slogans for various clients of my company. I also wrote love poetry in my personal diary. One day, out of nowhere, I had this intuition that I must go to Mumbai and become a writer. I just followed my intuition, I always do.Took permission from my parents,  left my amazing event company job, (and though I knew no one in Mumbai), within a month I landed at Dadar station in April 2005 (unlike VT station, where all the strugglers land in Bollywood movies)…..all set to become a writer…..and after a really long and  painful struggle became one. Risk & never giving up…..It was all worth it…..

2. Have you always wanted to write for television? 

Honestly I never saw TV soaps before I came to Mumbai. I only and only watched Hindi movies. I struggled a lot in films, but obviously who would have given me work, I knew nothing…honestly nothing. But then luckily Indian Television was growing that time, and I got a chance to become an assistant to (now) one of the top producers of TV industry, Shashi & Sumeer Mittal (Diya aur Baati Hum)……I started working on story & screenplay as their assistant, and did many shows with them. Then started writing independently, and now, I love TV – writing & watching both. I owe everything I have to Indian Television

3. What emotional connect does Hamari Sister Didi have with audiences?

I received a lot of feedback after the show came on air. First, working women feel a strong connect with our protagonist, who often gets stuck between her home & work, a dilemma which so many women go through every day & how they handle it. It is never easy but women do it marvelously. Second, when you are sick or in a hospital, you spend more time with nurses than doctors. What all nurses do for us is something everyone can connect too. Third, Sister Didi is not a normal nurse, she is an amazing one. She believes in treating diseases with love more than with medicine….and love is something that everyone wants….everyone would love to have her when they have fallen sick.

4. What kind of social impact do you think Hamari Sister Didi will have on your audiences?

HSD is not just a fiction show, it’s a tribute to the service all nurses provide. It Is a feel good show which not only makes you smile but also make you believe that love can heal any ailment…..and also people will get to learn about many medical issues and how to deal with them…..

5. What compelled you to make the protagonist a nurse and not a doctor?

Making a show on nurse, not doctor…was purely the channel (Sony PAL) and the producers, Deeya & Tony Singh’s idea. The writers were not involved in those early stages and hats off to them for coming up with such a wonderful idea. We have seen so many shows on doctors but never on a nurse. Doctors are very important but so are the nurses, they chose to serve us, clean us, feed us, walk by us….and all of it goes unnoticed. We all thank doctors but rarely the nurses who have been there, this show salutes the services nurses provide to all of us……and hope people also start realizing the same…..and nurse get their due share of respect in our society

6. Are there any other shows or concepts you are currently working on?

Yes, I am currently writing the story & screenplay ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai’ on Star plus, on screen since the last three and a half years. Another show of mine on Sony PAL is called ‘Khushiyo Kii Gulluck Aashi’ which was conceptualized by me. I have a few other interesting concepts in the pipeline.

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