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So why don’t people wear masks?

So why don’t people wear masks?

by Jack Dinis April 15 2021, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 19 secs

The second wave of COVID-19 is affecting the entire country due to which people are requested to stay indoors, writes Jack Dinis.

The Coronavirus has spread in the whole world and it has created many issues in human life. The Government has requested people to stay indoors and follow precautions like wearing a mask, keep social distancing, sanitizing themselves, and a lot of other things but still many are taking it lightly due to which the Government has had to find other ways to keep the virus in control. Lockdown, curfews and weekend lockdowns are now imminent - 500 rupees fine on not wearing a mask, travel restrictions, and so on. But what are the things that are stopping people from not following the rules to prevent themselves from this virus? Below is the reason why people do not mask up.

They are my close friends, relatives

Many people say, “They are my colleagues so I can speak to them without a mask.” Now that businesses are reopening and things are going back to normal, doesn't mean the coronavirus pandemic is over. You must wear a mask when you're around other people. No need to wear a mask with the people with whom you share your room or house but if you haven’t met your brothers, sisters, parents, nieces, or nephews in weeks or even months due to the pandemic, you should not assume that things are all right.

COVID-19 is not a serious illness

It is frustrating to see people who aren't following precautions. Some refuse to believe that the coronavirus is a serious disease - they don’t want to show fear by wearing a mask, when a mask will prevent the spread. When people are in green zones or in less infected areas they choose not to wear a mask. They think that the virus will not happen to them, as they are strong and/or healthy.

Wearing half mask

Most people tend to keep their masks below the nose or on the chin thinking it’s safe. Some of the people wear masks properly but the moment they meet somebody, they lower their masks to speak with them. It’s noticed when people are jogging or shopping, they keep their mask on the chin but the moment they see the police they pull up the mask from chin to their nose. You should not wear a mask by fearing a police officer or to avoid paying a fine, you should wear it for yours and others safety.

Experiencing negative feelings 

The most common things that people say are: we feel harder to breathe, I am wearing spectacles so it’s uncomfortable to wear a mask, the mask is hurting my ears or it's tight. There is a solution to this problem - if you have a breathing problem then you can wear a loose mask or cloth mask through which you can breathe or else wear a mask that will make you feel comfortable. 

God will protect us from the virus

Some people say that God will help us to prevent from COVID-19. There was a lady in the market, who didn’t wear a mask, when I asked a reason she said to me that, “I need not wear a mask, Allah is there to protect me and if God wish to call me I am ready to die.” She also added, “I am ready to go in jail and to pay fine but I won’t wear a mask.”

God is there to protect all of us and people believe in God. We all should pray to God to save us from this illness but must take precautions and follow all safety norms.

Hoping that all anti-mask people will understand the importance of wearing masks and follow rules and regulations of the COVID-19 disease. People must learn to stay with the virus till it exists.

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