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Surf Excel Pakistan's #Madadekibadat Ad Film: The Full Story

Surf Excel Pakistan's #Madadekibadat Ad Film: The Full Story

by The Daily Eye Team June 20 2016, 10:59 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 36 secs

Our the past few days, the social media has been abuzz with talk of 'that new Ramadan ad by Surf Excel'. As far as brand promise goes, the ad per se is unremarkable - a little boy helps an old 'samosa-wala' sell his Iftar savories, doing his good deed for the day. He stains his clothes in the process, but of course, the mother doesn't get angry. "Daag, after all, Achhe Hai". Hence, the campaign title #MadadEkIbadat (Helping is an act of faith).
What's remarkable about this two-minute-twenty-second-long film, however, is that the 'client' is Surf Excel Pakistan, and the creative agency and production crew is Indian. That's a powerful message of peace, indeed.


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