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International Street Artists Give Mumbai, Kochi & Goa A New Look

International Street Artists Give Mumbai, Kochi & Goa A New Look

by The Daily Eye Team April 20 2017, 2:35 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 0 secs

The facades of peeling plaster walls across the globe have become the favourite backdrop for Julien de Casabianca and his mission to ‘free’ select paintings from the confines of museums. No, he doesn’t steal paintings, instead the 46-year-old journalist and filmmaker creates prints of paintings and pastes them on city walls that act as dynamic backdrops — so far he’s made it to 40 cities in 19 countries since embarking on this project in 2014. This effort, known as the Outings Project, exposes the general public to beautiful art, free of museum shackles. It’s not like Casabianca dislikes museums, it’s just that he finds many museums are inherently classist, from entry fees to desired edicate. Casabianca wants people to be free to enjoy art during day to day life and he wants paintings to be free of their usual white-wash backgrounds and have a more interesting second home. If you think about it, he’s kind of like a law-abiding Robin Hood of paintings, giving art to people who need it more, as well as, giving the art a chance to be appreciated by a whole new audience.


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