Indian maternal health far worse than previously thought

Indian maternal health far worse than previously thought

by The Daily Eye Team March 4 2015, 3:22 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 48 secs

As per a new study, maternal health in India much worse than previously thought as more than 40% of women are underweight when they begin pregnancy. The findings of Princeton University are a concern as body mass and weight gain during pregnancy are important indicators of maternal health. Babies born to Undernourished mothers are more likely to be underweight, a characteristic influencing height, cognition and productivity across a lifetime. The study also drew surprising comparisons with sub-Saharan Africa, a region known for extremely poor health with high birth rates. In the end, Indian women fared worse as only 16.5% of women in sub-Saharan Africa are underweight before pregnancy. The results highlight the need for government-backed support with regards to maternal health monitoring throughout pregnancy. While feasible, improving maternal nutrition in India may be an uphill climb because, as the research reports, the health of pregnant women is often compromised by their low social position in Indian households.

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