Bringing positive change in society's attitude

Bringing positive change in society's attitude

by Jack Dinis March 8 2021, 4:00 pm Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins, 44 secs

To celebrate Women's Day, Jack Dinis asks some women professionals how they can change the attitude of society. 

So, let's hear it from these women achievers. 

The best way to achieve change is to set an example, and get out of your comfort zone, suggests Businessperson Smruti Bhalerao. She exclaims, "I adore myself, I am confident and I am proud of who I am! I was never ashamed of how someone sees me. This attitude helps me grow and you can’t grow unless you’re willing to change. Change is the only constant. This is the mantra I always follow. I am a part of an organization, which was wonderful. I did find different roles within the organization and kept moving whether it was laterally or vertically or in different HR projects. When you are fixed at one place, you get complacent and comfortable and will never be able to take up challenges. Each time a new and different role gave me the opportunity to face challenges and achieve my goals, it made me move ahead. Keep this in mind if you women want to move ahead."

Men need a little more coaching, writes Media Professional and Author Monarose Sheila Pereira – also known as India’s Enid Blyton. She emphasizes, “Women have proved that they can succeed in almost every field and make a mark in any profession. Successful women should be role models for those who are still struggling with gender bias. Guide them to the right counselor, lawyer, NGO, educator; and help them to move ahead in life and become role models for others. Besides this they need to educate their sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, colleagues and friends to respect women. It is the woman who should take the responsibility of spreading this message among all her family members and those who interact with her family. The family is one of the basic units of society. If we can follow these important values in this basic social unit, then we can bring about a huge positive change in the attitude of society towards women. The media too should highlight women achievers more rather than candy stories about celebrities.” 

Study the lives of great and successful women suggests Sr. Victoria Rani, Pddm. She says that as women, it is their responsibility to work for the betterment of other women in the society and we need to have a strong conviction that we can change everything in the world. We need to learn from great women in history; like Mother Teresa, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and so on. They were the women who changed the negative attitude of society towards women. If they were able to do so, why can't we? We can change society by promoting a positive attitude of society towards women. It is the right time for us to stand against the evil things that are happening in society against women. Let us try to encourage parents to give a good education for the girl child and promote the awareness that women are equal to men and they can do anything in society. 

Realize your own importance, advices Program Executive Sri Adhikar Brother's Group, Shumaila Saeed. According to her, women should feel positive from the inside instead of feeling pressurized and looking for equal rights in competition with men. They should already know that they are the queens, always above the king or any man outside; they should only compete with their own best version. Negative attitude of society is a big drama and it can only be changed by not being a part of the audience and by being a part of the play itself. Women are smart enough to make anything possible in their careers or emotional connections and personal life. So it is not about getting equal rights; they should have more than that. When a woman is financially independent, no society or person can treat her in a negative way. Women should always think, “This is my life, I want this and I chose this - the decision is always mine”. 

Upbringing is important, says Coordinator & Lecturer, Department of M.A. Psychology, R.D. & SH National College, Kiran Makhijani. She says, "A mother represents society, it is for a parent not to be biased and not differentiate between genders. Parental unbiased, non- stereotypical perception of gender can bring change in the way women are perceived. Both gender children should be brought up with equal amounts of discipline and responsibility. The boy should be taught in his early childhood to respect the other gender and acknowledge the need for equality. Boys in their early childhood should be taught to love, care and respect women unconditionally. A changed approach and attitude in the society can make it safe and secure for women." 

This Woman's Day, let us accept and uphold the rights, dignity and achievements of women. A study proves that people adopt and accept dominance in their lives through learned social behavior that they observe since childhood by looking at the same type behavior of their parents and other elders at home. So, if you want to make change in society then you must start doing it from your home. Because home is the place from where a person starts learning everything. 

Parents' unbiased, non-stereotypical perception of gender may bring change in the way women are perceived. The only disability in life is a bad attitude. Change in negative attitude to a positive one can reform the world. Hope all men and women will take a cue and help make life better for everyone.

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