Flipkart Offers Employees Rs. 50,000 For Adopting Children

Flipkart Offers Employees Rs. 50,000 For Adopting Children

by The Daily Eye Team July 30 2015, 3:13 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 28 secs

How should a company disrupt the existing market? Selling below the MRP is certainly one of them, which Flipkart has been doing for quite some time now. How about doing something which warms your heart, and inspires a movement which can ignite a social revolution? Flipkart, $15 billion worth largest Indian ecommerce company having 33,000 employees has announced India’s first Adoption Assistance Program, which can actually positively disrupt the India job market for ever. Flipkart employees can now get upto Rs. 50,000 as allowance for adopting a child.


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