How Satellites Are Being Used To Expose Human Rights Abuses

How Satellites Are Being Used To Expose Human Rights Abuses

by The Daily Eye Team April 6 2016, 12:00 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 46 secs

It was the satellite images showing recently disturbed ground that seemed to provide the final confirmation. There was an increasing amount of evidence to indicate that the Burundi authorities had dug a mass grave to bury victims killed by police in the Buringa area late last year, including witness statements and videos gathered by Amnesty International. But the before and after satellite images, proving a large amount of earth had been disturbed, were the last pieces of evidence that put a spotlight on this atrocity.
Tools known as geospatial technology that map and analyse the earth have been used to expose injustices and human rights abuses for over a decade. Over the years, analysts have found visual evidence for escalating Boko Haram attacks in north-east Nigeria, North Korean labour camps, forced relocations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and have monitored the growing crisis in Darfur, western Sudan.


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