Intel Wants To Replace Fireworks With Drones

Intel Wants To Replace Fireworks With Drones

by The Daily Eye Team November 8 2016, 4:04 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 39 secs

Ah, the raucous thrill of a fireworks show. Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Guy Fawkes Night in Britain, or a New Year’s Eve celebration, the ecstasy of loud, flying projectiles that go whizz-bang-pop eludes no human.
But the folks over at Intel, most well known for making the chips that go inside of your computers, want to use fleets consisting of hundreds of drones to create light shows in the night sky instead.
Using small quadcopters that fly in numbers, dubbed Shooting Stars, the company reckons that its drone light shows can “redefine entertainment” by creating “new experiences.” Intel launched 500 of its Shooting Stars in a test in Germany recently, and the results are watchable below.


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