Is Gender Sensitivity Coming Of Age In Indian Advertising?

Is Gender Sensitivity Coming Of Age In Indian Advertising?

by The Daily Eye Team July 14 2015, 6:12 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 0 secs

Industry experts share their views on where Indian advertising stands as far as gender stereotypes are concerned and how much the attitude and outlook of the industry has changed over the years India’s Glass Lion wins at Cannes Lions this year lent some respect to the country’s metals tally and brought much cheer. As is known, Glass Lion: The Lion for Change specifically recognises work that challenges gender bias and shatters stereotypical images of men and women which remain rooted in marketing messages. Therefore, the Grand Prix for P&G’s ‘Tough the Pickle’ campaign and Glass Lion for Ariel Matic’s ‘Share the Load’ campaign are being seen as perhaps heralding a new era of gender sensitivity in Indian advertising. Gender stereotypes abound in Indian advertising – be it for deodorant brands for men, which present women in a highly sexualised manner, or a plethora of ads in the FMCG, household electronics and other sectors, which present women as homemakers fretting over their family with no life of their own. The less said about the fairness cream ads the better.


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