The Real Value Of Investing In Sustainability

The Real Value Of Investing In Sustainability

by The Daily Eye Team April 10 2015, 6:07 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 44 secs

Marina Bay Sands, which owns Singapore’s largest hotel by number of rooms, has sustainability ingrained in employees since day one. Its efforts at reducing waste and energy use and instilling environmentally friendly values have won it not just accolades but also created a sustainable business. A S$25 million high-tech system that controls lighting, heating and water supplies from multiple access points. Energy-efficient LED light bulbs that cost almost thrice the price of traditional bulbs – lighting up thousands of rooms, a huge mall and a convention centre with floor space equal to 17 soccer pitches. An extensive waste management strategy to help improve waste reduction and diversion.These are just some of the items that add to Marina Bay Sands’ investment tab for sustainability efforts – a considerable sum for a facility of our size and complexity.


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