Women in India Lift Themselves from Poverty through Self-Help

Women in India Lift Themselves from Poverty through Self-Help

by The Daily Eye Team December 12 2014, 10:32 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 42 secs

Women farmers in rural India are rising out of poverty and transforming their cultural position in society, in part because they have joined together in Self-Help Groups that are part of Kind Sight’s Women Farmers in India project. The Women Farmers in India project is helping 500 women farmers from 25 different villages in the Bihar State of India. In addition to providing critical training on agricultural techniques, and providing materials and tools for farming, the project’s shining success is its Self-Help Groups. Women in these villages don’t have a history of working together or pooling their resources, which is part of the reason they face poverty. They frequently have conflict and turmoil within their villages. But, Self-Help Groups are changing all that and empowering women within their communities and their families.

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