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Zohnerism: The Art of selective communication

Dr. Sandeep Goyal explores the art of selective communication during this post truth era, the times in which it’s diffic...

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Does Naaz Patel have a dirty mind?

Even when the Myntra logo controversy ignited by her broke out, there was only sparse information on her on the Internet, writes Dr. Sa...

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Hope Factory: Business Ideas For Everyone

Vinta Nanda chats with Tarun Agarwal, author of Hope Factory: Business Ideas For Everyone, about his latest book and other thi...

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Right at the Centre: Anuradha SenGupta

Anuradha SenGupta’s introduction of herself as a professional, best summarizes her writes Aparajita Krishna  Read More

Thank you Mr. Kamath - Better late than never!

Following the news of ASCI banning surrogate ads of 12 liquor companies, Dr. Sandeep Goyal Read More

Dreaming big for the vulnerable: Chhitra Subramaniam

Vinta Nanda thinks that one of the greatest pleasures of running The Daily Eye is that you wak...

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Goodbye FarmVille! It was fun harvesting.

On 31 December, Zynga shut it down, 11 years after a glorious start, writes Carol Goyal


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From Bad Man to Matinee Men

Vinta Nanda crosses over from 2020 and opens 2021 with this interesting conversation with Roshmila Bhattacharya - about her bo...

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VOICES: How it worked in 2020

The Pandemic still continues as we move out of the year of 2020 and move into the next year of 2021. Several professionals talk to Mona...

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2020 In One Word: What’s Yours?

Dr Sandeep Goyal views the year 2020 as the time that has introduced us to the “new” normal.