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Shishir Sharma: The Gentleman Actor!

Aparajita Krishna goes on a long walk on the cobbled path of art, theatre and acting with actor Shishir Sharma, whose repertoi...

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Khalid Mohamed’s heartspeak with Atul Kulkarni, the actor of substance and spleen, who has lately been making waves with...

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Geetanjali Kulkarni: 25 years an Actor

Aparajita Krishna views actor Geetanjali Kulkarni’s life and career through the prism of her cutting-edge work in theatr...

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Family Ties

Film historian Dhruv Somani salutes the Kapoors, the first family of Indian cinema.

Business culture, work environments are usually based on hierar...

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The Indian ‘New Wave’ for the Millennial

Even though I use a lot of close ups, “Once upon a time, long, long ago…” should be the tone and tenor of this account from ...

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I want to work on daydreaming: Sadiya Siddiqui

Aparajita Krishna has a long extensive conversation with Sadiya Siddiqui, whose journey is full of stories to tell.

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Mahishasur Marddini: Endless Night…

Filmmaker Ranjan Ghosh speaks to Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri about his soon-to-be-released film…

A Commanding Actor: Jayati Bhatia

Aparajita Krishna deep dives into actor Jayati Bhatia’s life and career in theatre, television, films and web series. Read More

Sunil Shanbag: A Theatre Yatra!

Aparajita Krishna takes a deep dive into the life and theatre times of Sunil Shanbag and walks you through an interesting tell...

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Sunil Shanbag: A Theatre Yatra! Part 2

Aparajita Krishna continues telling the story of Sunil Shanbag from where she left it in Part 1