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Review: Searching for ‘Happiness’

Originating from a conversation with his seven-year-old daughter, Suman Ghosh’s new film is an ode to the city of Kolkata, writes Read More

Tale of Two Cities

A photo-essay by Ashish Ghatak on the striking parallels between Mumbai and his hometown Kolkata.

Hard Day’s Night

Film historian Dhruv Somani, clocks into Bollywood films, which were set in a tension-packed time frame of 24 hours.

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M K RAINA: A salutation and exploration

Again and this one is vast - Aparajita Krishna walks you through the life of social activist and actor MK Raina. So far, so, s...

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The Scattered Rainbow

Darshan Mondkar has been a social and political commentator since 2010, writes Vinta Nanda in this piece compiled by her. &nbs...

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From here to eternity

Nidhi and Sushil Poddar talk to Khalid Mohamed about their book Blaze…, a tribute to their late son Divyansh’s tr...

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Voices: Tanishq – It’s not over yet!

It’s not over yet. Several citizens speak to Monarose Sheila Pereira and express their opinion.

World, beautiful, world

Khalid Mohamed in conversation with photographer Babul Bhatt who focuses on the beautiful sides of cityscapes around the world...

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Clicking London

Vatsal Shah’s photo-essay set in the British capital, where the only constant is change.

Ways of seeing Mumbai

A photo-essay by Megh Bhavsar on the city as perceived through the eye of his camera. Text Edited by: Khalid Mohamed <...

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