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Unholy Propaganda

As the debate on the Uniform Civil Code rages, Humra Quraishi clears the many misconceptions there are floating around, about ...

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Decolonizing The Caste Question

Vanshika Bhagat discusses the present status of Dalit converts to Islam and Christianity vis-a-vis reservation, which endeavor...

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Some among us could be talking about the conditions of prisons in the country, and the various challenges faced by inmates, but only a handful ...

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No Country For Minorities

Humra Quraishi points out the double standards adopted by the state when dealing with minorities in India.

Here I was born…

Humra Quraishi shares facts about the displacements of one particular minority community of India in the name of development.<...

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The Silenced Valley

Can bringing Cinema to the Kashmir Valley settle the wounds and trauma? No, says Humra Quraishi 

A Conversation With Freny Manecksha

Freny Manecksha brings stories from Bastar and Kashmir in her latest book Flaming Forest Wounded Valley. She gets into a conversation with Read More

Merely because the act is horrific…

Humra Quraishi recalls the horrors of the 2002 riots in Gujarat in wake of the release of the convicted rapists and murderers ...

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People Of Aligarh

Although the word ‘Aligarh’ shoots up images of only the University, there is more to that town, writes Humra Quraishi Read More


Move over Amish. With the innovatively titled ‘Sati Series’, Koral Dasgupta is providing a much-welcome lens through which to look ...

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