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Jai Siya Ram…

Vinta Nanda deconstructs gender inequalities in context to the toxic sexism, which Mamata Bannerjee was subjected to on the po...

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Creating a better world for women

On this International Women's Day 2021 on 8thRead More

#MeToo: Has the movement slipped through the cracks?

Vinta Nanda wonders if the #MeToo movement changed anything for women who wanted to speak against sexual harassment.   Read More

The loneliness of an Indian (virgin) Bride

What are Indian wedding dreams made of? – a question Janaky Sreedharan answers as she views it through the lens of the r...

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An Unwatchable Boy

Khalid Mohamed reviews the web series A Suitable Boy and Mirzapur 2, streaming on Netflix and Prime Amazon Video respectively....

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Fly in the ointment: TRP’s

When ‘life’ jives with storytelling evolution happens, writes Vinta Nanda


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Gas-lighting: The News Normal

Vinta Nanda analyzes the news media as it stands today and what it can achieve for its mass audiences if it so chooses to do.<...

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In Good Company

Here are a few famous people Vinta Nanda has sourced and found that they rolled a joint and smoked in a high once in a while.<...

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Pivotal, Not Seminal: Indian Matchmaking

Since its release a couple of weeks back, Indian Matchmaking, has raced to the top of the charts for Netflix in India, writes Dr Sandee...

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Seema Kohli: From the canvas of her life and art

Aparajita Krishna deep dives to Seema Kohli’s work and brings to you her thoughts, which influence her art.