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Signs of the times: Nothing’s right

Humra Quraishi says that the signs of fascism are spreading, yet as mute spectators we sit quiet and subdued.

Signs of the times: She’s a street fighter

Humra Quraishi questions EVMs, expresses fear and helplessness among people with regard to dem...

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Signs of the times: Imagine all the people…

Humra Quraishi wonders if it is the need of this time to revive the Progressive Writers Movement in India.

Signs of the time: The vacuum

Humra Quraishi imagines what it would be like if India is to have a ministry of loneliness and leaves you to ponder over a bea...

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Run, trailer, run

Khalid Mohamed checks out the Laxmmi Bomb trailer, the by-now iconic series Jamtara and the aptly-titled Poison 2

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Ten Years with Guru Dutt

Ten Years with Guru Dutt, Abrar Alvi’s Journey is the behind-the-scenes story of Guru Dutt Films, written by Sathya Saran Read More

The Bard of Bollywood: Gulzar

Humra Quraishi recalls her meetings with Gulzar. Born on 18th August 1934, his words that explore  the complex...

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Khushwant Singh: Salaam to the Sardaar

Humra Quraishi writes about the many conversations she had with Sardaar Khushwant Singh. 

Guru Dutt: A Life Interrupted

Humra Quraishi observes from the auteur Guru Dutt’s life, how fragile artists are when they’re possessed by their ...

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An Interlude

Sathya Saran talks about her journey when writing on Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and she shares an excerpt from the book she h...

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